Along with an extensive selection of top-shelf cannabis, Cannabis 21 Plus Dispensary enhances the experience with the perfect gear. Whether you’re looking for basic functionality or creative innovation, our shelves are stocked to suit every preference. With our multiple locations, we are never further than just around the corner. Stop by and take a look. You’re going to find something unexpected and exciting.

Bongs, Lighters, and Everything You Need to Spark Up

Our knowledgeable budtenders are always happy to answer questions, explain options and help you find the right fit. Check out our bangers, glass bubblers, bongs, batteries, rolling papers, rolling trays, lighters, grinders, eye drops and so much more. We make sure a quick trip to Cannabis 21 Plus Dispensary is all you need to enjoy your favorite brand, strain, and consumption method.

Cannabis Accessories from Cannabis 21 Plus Dispensary

Cannabis 21 Plus Dispensary includes the convenience of online ordering. Shop when the mood strikes, whenever you have the time and for the gear that accommodates your lifestyle, sense of flair, and desired effects. We’re happy to prepare your selections for in-store pickup and even deliver them right to your door. Our out-the-door prices make it easy to fit your budget because there’s never an unexpected fee showing up at checkout!

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