Strip away all the excess plant matter and you know what’s left? The most valuable compounds. A concentrated form of those amazing cannabinoids and terpenes! Shop concentrates at Cannabis 21 Plus Dispensary for your favorite brands and those you’ve been hearing about and dying to try, including Shaman Extracts, Biscotti, Dime Bag, Everyday Dabs, Locals Only, and Cali Select. The textures, flavors, and THC potency of our extracts and concentrates are a cut above anything you’ll find elsewhere.

Cannabis Concentrates from Beloved Brands

Budder, crumble, RSO, sugar, sauce, diamonds, live resin, shatter, wax, crumble, kief, isolate, badder, oil, and concentrates of all kinds suit all preferences and ensure an exceptional experience. Check out Gelly Cake, Black Widow, Puff’s Magic, Skywalker Og, and a wide assortment of innovative strains. With multiple locations, the doors of each one open up fresh possibilities and potential!

The Strains You Love from Cannabis 21 Plus Dispensary

Cannabis 21 Plus Dispensary is always eager to welcome new faces, help you navigate our concentrates, and match effects, expectations, and experience level to the perfect product. The price you see is the price you pay. Not only are we the lowest of any local, licensed dispensary, but we include taxes and eliminate added charges. Access our full collection of top-quality concentrates online. Place an order for in-store pickup or see if our delivery service covers your area.

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