For the first-time buyer as well as the discriminating connoisseur, Cannabis 21 Plus Dispensary is your perfect answer to quality flower. We’re selective about our weed. From color, texture, and taste to those important little trichomes coating the bud, we offer an amazing line of products. And our budtenders like nothing better than matching your expectations to the right strain. Ask us questions. Browse. Appreciate the best of the most popular consumption method.

Sticky Buds and Dank Nugs

Our abundance of carefully curated flower represented the latest, greatest and most exciting innovations in grow technology and cultivation processes. Eighth Brother, Alien Labs, Dime Bag, High Supply, Claybourne Co., and Herbarium are a few of the premium brands showcased on our shelves. Explore robust terpenes, outstanding potency, and flavors that elevate your experience.

Exceptional Flower from Cannabis 21 Plus Dispensary

With multiple dispensary locations, you’ll always find Cannabis 21 Plus Dispensary close by. We make our cannabis easily accessible with online ordering, in-store pickup and in most areas, delivery service. Join our Loyalty Program to earn rewards on every purchase. Shop our daily deals and take your cannabis journey further with exceptional flower from Cannabis 21 Plus Dispensary. The list price is always the final price, taxes included, and no hidden fees!

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