When debating over which cannabis consumption method is right for you, consider what fits best with your lifestyle. Are portability and discretion important? Are you concerned about the health of your lungs? Do you prefer a quick or delayed onset of effects? If you’re new to cannabis, you might be looking for simplicity. Those well-acquainted with cannabis might be interested in the rich experience of dabbing.

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Cannabis 21 Plus Dispensary satisfies every expectation, taste, and the highest standards. Our Sorrento Valley dispensary is conveniently located, wonderfully welcoming and the key to an abundance of options. Our shelves carry the most popular brands, strains, and every delivery method. Stop in to discuss options with our educated budtenders, shop daily deals, and find new favorites. Cater to your schedule by ordering online for the quick turnaround of in-store pickup.

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We can’t wait to share the perfect textures, versatility, and incredible potency of our concentrates. Our wide assortment of vapes and cartridges is especially flavorful yet discreet. For robust terpenes, browse a gorgeous selection of flower or make it easy with singles, packs, infused and live resin joints and blunts. Shop an array of topicals and choose from chocolates, cookies, gummies, chews, and all sorts of edibles. From CBD pet products, clones, and seeds to merch, Cannabis 21 Plus Dispensary is your cannabis superstore.

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