At Cannabis 21 Plus Dispensary, we pride ourselves on our excellence in both products and services. Our knowledgeable budtenders are happy to explain options, make sure you’re comfortable with your decisions, and prepare your package for pickup. Offering a nearly endless and always exciting selection of cannabis, we make shopping easy, fun, and convenient. Access our daily deals, your favorites, and new opportunities by way of our website.

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Like all of our dispensaries across California, our Sorrento Valley location is a perfect stop on your cannabis journey, opening up new horizons for health and happiness. We are dedicated to fulfilling the highest expectations of all cannabis enthusiasts, from the newcomer to the connoisseur. Let us accommodate your busy lifestyle with the quicker turnaround of in-store pickup.

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Sample our wide variety of delicious cookies, brownies, gummies, chocolate bars, and every type of tasty cannabis treat. Appreciate the depth of terpenes and THC of our concentrates. Choose from the best brands of flower, pre-rolls, vapes, and cartridges. Take a tour of our topicals, pet & people CBD products, tinctures, seeds, clones, and merch. The list prices include taxes and add up without extra fees. A few clicks take you through secure checkout, and we’ll get your picks ready without delay!

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