The state of California legalized recreational use in late 2016. It’s legal for any adult over 21 to purchase up to 28.5 grams of non-concentrated cannabis and 8 grams of concentrated cannabis per day. Always at the forefront of cannabis accessibility Cannabis 21 Plus Dispensary first opened as soon as possible. We’re on a mission to create a secure, comfortable, and welcoming environment where you can focus on wellness, happiness, and better quality of life. Our multiple dispensary locations are the perfect stop for the cannabis enthusiast or newcomer.

Recreational Cannabis from Cannabis 21 Plus Dispensary

Our wide variety of products might seem a bit overwhelming at first glance. What’s right for you? Sativas, indicas or hybrids? Dried flower, infused pre-roll, or disposable vape pen? How about our extensive menu of edibles, the rich terpenes of our concentrates, or the soothing properties of topicals? No worries. Cannabis 21 Plus Dispensary is staffed by approachable and expert budtenders who love their job. They’re happy to explain options and make sure you find the right cannabis products for the effects you’re hoping for.

Cannabis You Can Count On

At Cannabis 21 Plus Dispensary, we’re dedicated to educating our customers and providing the best possible experience. Locals and tourists visiting from across the globe, enjoy nearly endless options by shopping in-person or ordering online. We include in-store pick up, and in many areas, delivery. The prices listed are always what you pay. We offer the lowest out-the-door prices of any local, licensed dispensary and all taxes are included. Choose from the best brands and strains of cannabis with no worry about hidden fees!

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