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Are you searching for premium cannabis flower? Looking for an outstanding burn, rich with terpenes and cannabinoids? At Cannabis 21 Plus Dispensary we’re exceptionally picky about our buds. We only source from those producers who consistently uphold the integrity of colors, plentitude of trichomes and standards of cultivation we demand for our customers. Stop by our Palm Desert recreational dispensary for a rewarding experience.

Our budtenders are always delighted to chat about our weed. We take pride in matching your preferences for potency, flavor and effects to the ideal strains. Feel free to ask questions, spend some time familiarizing yourself with our selection and immerse yourself in an accepting, welcoming and vibrant environment. The newbie as well as the seasoned enthusiast is sure to find the perfect smoke.

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Join our loyalty program, earn rewards and stay in-the-know about our latest promotion deals on a wide variety of flower. Discover the benefits of progressive grow technology. Whether you’re ready to relax after a long day, get energized before a workout, socialize or for any desired effects, Cannabis 21 Plus Dispensary is where your favorites are always fresh. We make shopping simple and fun for adults 21+. If time is short, expedite everything with online ordering, in-store pickup and the extra convenience of our delivery service.

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