Cannabis 21 Plus Dispensary opens up incredible potential. From curative properties to pure enjoyment, our wide assortment of cannabis features the most sought-after brands and popular strains. Multiple locations across California make sure we’re always nearby. Shop an impressive collection unique to our Palm Desert dispensary, place an order online and we’ll deliver right to your door.

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Is a hectic schedule keeping you from the pleasure of a flavorful cannabis vape? Does the thought of rush-hour traffic stand between you and kicking back with some premium bud? Cannabis 21 Plus Dispensary invites you to browse, fill your cart and check out without leaving home. Our website is wonderfully easy to navigate, offers our daily deals and the price listed is exactly what you pay. We’ve included taxes and never tack on any surprise fees.

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Discover the fun flavors of our gummies, chews, rings, belts, baked goods, chocolates, and an exciting menu of edibles. Treat yourself to the portability and convenience of pre-rolls sold in singles, packs, infused, and live resin. Don’t miss out on the rich terpenes and cannabinoids of our dried flower. For life on the go, try out compact tinctures, disposable pens, and an array of topicals. From clones, seeds, and merch to CBD options for you and your pet, Cannabis 21 Plus Dispensary delivers.

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