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Cannabis 21 Plus Dispensary offers an enjoyable and rewarding shopping experience, providing a showcase of truly exceptional flower. Our convenient San Diego dispensary location welcomes locals and visitors 21+ to explore dense buds, small buds, shake, trim and your favorite smokable weed. An impressive variety of strains from well-recognized as well as up-and-coming growers create an unmatched selection.

Step inside with no worry over getting overwhelmed, no need to be a knowledgeable connoisseur and no question over the safety of our products. Even a quick glance will reveal the vibrant colors, orange hairs and plentiful coating of trichomes that distinguish maturely and properly cultivated flower. A sniff of pungent terpenes proves you’re in the presence of top quality cannabis.

Premium Cannabis Flower at Cannabis 21 Plus Dispensary

Is sky-high THC potency your preference? Are you focused on flavor or a good even burn? Would you like uplifting, energizing, creative, relaxing or de-stressing effects? At Cannabis 21 Plus Dispensary, we answer every priority, raise standards and accommodate busy lifestyles. Visit us in-person for personalized recommendations from our budtenders or order online for in-store pickup. We’ll even deliver to your door.

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