Cannabis 21 Plus Dispensary is dedicated to the delight of the cannabis enthusiast. Our Mission Valley dispensary provides a modern, secure and inviting environment where you can not only shop a wide range of products but be picky about quality. Our shelves showcase the top brands, most innovative strains, variety of flavors and level of potency you’ll be excited to explore. AND we offer the lowest prices of any local, licensed competitor.

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We’d love for you to stop in, chat with our budtenders and let us help you navigate the many options. We’re happy to educate, recommend and share insight. For those with limited time, Cannabis 21 Plus Dispensary welcomes online ordering. We prepare your package for in-store pickup and also deliver right to your door. With out-the-door pricing (taxes included), you know exactly what everything costs.

Cannabis 21 Plus Dispensary is Your Home for Amazing Cannabis

Browse our incredible menu of tasty gummies, rings, chocolate bars, cookies, mints and all sorts of edible temptations. Discover the rich terpenes of maturely cultivated flower and the convenience of pre-rolls. Try out our vapes and cartridges for amazing flavor. From the rich textures and potency of concentrates to the portability of tinctures and curative benefits of topicals, Cannabis 21 Plus Dispensary answers every preference. We’ve got clones, seeds and CBD pet products. And don’t forget a tour of our merch for necessities such as rolling papers, grinders, batteries, bangers and more.

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