Stop by Cannabis 21 Plus Dispensary to buy your cannabis clones and seeds. Along with multiple dispensary locations for convenience, we include online ordering and the convenience of in-store pickup. Whether you’re new to growing or well-experienced, we’d love to help out. Remember, seeds and clones aren’t permitted to cross state lines.

Bring the Grow to Your Home

Growing from high-quality seeds offers diversity, insight into genetics, and the strains you love. Some are easier to grow than others. Specific options are more resistant to pests and mold. Various strains take longer to mature and the right choice can depend on whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors. Our expert budtenders provide valuable information about our products, hands-on knowledge, and tips for a satisfying cultivation process.

Clones and Seeds from Cannabis 21 Plus Dispensary

If you’ve got a specific strain you’re looking to grow, consider cannabis clones. The clone is an exact replica of the parent plant. The clone of a female plant is always female. Compared to growing from seed, they are hardier, and because of beginning with developed leaves, they mature more quickly. For your grow project, seeds or clones from Cannabis 21 Plus Dispensary are the best start.

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