A majority of veterinarians report no harmful side effects and agree CBD is helpful in combating chronic pain in animals. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring compound found in cannabis. It is 100% non-toxic. There is no possibility of overdosing on CBD. It might make your dog or cat sleepy, but it’s nonpsychoactive. CBD pet products can reduce or replace narcotic painkillers which are associated with all sorts of adverse side effects.

CBD Pet Products from Cannabis 21 Plus Dispensary

Whether you’re caring for an aging pet or targeting anxiety, seizures, osteoarthritis, digestive issues, inflammation, or stiffness, CBD is safe and natural. Studies have shown benefits for the pet’s respiratory system, cardiovascular health, pain relief, and cancer treatment. Cannabis 21 Plus Dispensary is happy to offer a safe and holistic option for our furry friends.

We Have a Selection of CBD for Your Pets

CBD pet products are designed for pet consumption. They are not the same as the oils, capsules, and edibles you buy for yourself. Even small amounts of THC are toxic for dogs and cats. Shop pet-specific products from Cannabis 21 Plus Dispensary with confidence. Feel free to ask questions, order online, and take advantage of the quick in-and-out of in-store pickup. Check into the availability of delivery in your area and consider the rewards of our Loyalty Program!

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